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EN RÉIMPRESSION (sans date) - Stonehenge in its landscape : twentieth century excavations, 1996, 618 p., 300 ill. n.b., 23 pl. coul., plans, index. -

This report brings together for the first time all the evidence from an important series of excavations by a number of eminent archaeologists spanning the years 1901-1964. Their work has been skilfully combined to form a cohesive and authoritative structural history of the monument. The report contains contributions from eminent specialists, and publishes for the first time a sequence of important new radiocarbon dates. The publication is well illustrated with new plans and drawings, and colour and black and white photographs, as well as reproducing archive material from the original excavations. The publication was launched with a lecture at the Society of Antiquaries of London on the 7th October 1995.
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