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Europe around the year 1000, 2001, 488 p., 32 ill., 21 cartes. -

Lauranson-Rosaz C., Le débat sur la "mutation féodale": état de la question. Strzelczyk J., The Church and Christianity about the year 1000 (the missionary aspect). Bibire P., The languages of Europe around the year 1000 A.D. Suchodolski S., Change of transcontinental contacts as indicated by coins in the Baltic zone around 1000. Wazny T., Wood and climate of the year 1000 A.D. Petrukhin V. Y., The decline and legacy of Khazaria. Tolochko O., Kievan Rus' around the year 1000. Curta F., Transylvania around AD 1000. Antonopoulos P., Dendrinos C., The Eastern Roman Empire at the turn of the first millennium. Stih P., Det Ostadriatische Raum um das Jahr 1000. Azzara C., Important figures in Italy in the year 1000. Isla A., Warfare and other plagues in the Iberian Peninsula around the year 1000. Keynes S., Apocalypse then: England AD 1000. Crawford B. E., Alba: the kingdom of Scotland in the year 1000. Cróinín D. Ó., Ireland c. 1000. Linderoth Wallace B., Vinland 1000 - A European outpost in North America. Vésteinsson O., The conversion of the Icelanders. Krag C., Norway at the threshold of Western Europe. Roesdahl E., Denmark - a 1000 years ago. Duczko W., AD 1000 - the point of no return for the kingdom of Sweden. Lübke C., The Polabian alternative: paganism between Christian Kingdoms. Wolfram H., New peoples around the year 1000. Pleszczynski A., Poland as an ally of the Holy Roman Empire. Trestik D., Bohemia's Iron Age. Sághy M., The making of the Christian kingdom in Hungary. Körntgen L., The Emperor and his friends: the Ottonian realm around the year 1000.
Référence : 22621. French, English
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