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Conditions of sales
Librairie Archéologique
25, rue Berbisey
21000 DIJON

S.A.R.L.au capital de 7 622€ . Siret 327 773 180 00028 . RCS Dijon B 327 773 180


Art. 1 – Application
These conditions of sales exclusively apply to present and future commercial relationships between Librairie Archéologique, 25, rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon – « we » - and the order’s author – « you ». Any condition stated by you, but not in conformity with our conditions will be rejected, unless we acknowledge its availability in writing.

Art. 2 – Order
We commit to accept your order according to the terms of the following conditions of sales.
We kindly ask you to note that we will process your order within the limits of our stock.
When you order, we will inform you of the availability of items you’re interested in. Nevertheless, if items happen to be unavailable in spite of our vigilance, we would inform you by e-mail.
By confirming your order, you accept in full the conditions of sales at your disposal on this site, you acknowledge to be aware of all clauses and therefore renounce to prevail any other contradictory document (f.i. your own conditions of sales) over our contract. This confirmation, along with all data recorded, will constitute evidence of our transactions.

Art. 3 – Price
Prices of this site are marked in Euros and are inclusive of French tax (VAT). Post and packaging are not included. All prices are only a guide. Taking into account any fluctuations in the exchange rates or rises in cost passed on to us by our suppliers, all prices indicated may be subjected to an increase at any time, without warning.
In case of a difference between the price indicated when ordering and the price actually charged to you, because of a typing or printing error, or a miscalculation, the price in force will apply. Nevertheless, you may cancel your order if the price in force is too high in comparison with the price we gave you by mistake on our site when you ordered.

Art. 4 – Payment
Payment has to be made immediately. You can pay by bank card or check (on the order of Librairie Archéologique). Cards issued out of France have to be international bank cards. Secured on-line payment is extremely safe : it uses the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). Transmitted data are encrypted by a software and cannot be read while conveying on the net. Checks must be sent to :
Librairie Archéologique
BP 90 – 1, rue des Artisans
21803 Quétigny cedex

Art. 5 – Delivery
Unless otherwise requested, delivery is made at the address you gave when you ordered. Parcels travel at the risks of the addressee.
The delivery delay is mentioned on each book’s summary. Your order is sent within 48 hours if the book is in stock. If not, allow 2 weeks for books published in France, 3 weeks for books published in Europe and at least 4 weeks for books published out of Europe. This data is for information only and is not guaranteed. We take no responsability in any case.
If you wish to pay by check, your order will only be processed on receipt of your payment.

Art. 6 – Returns and refunds
Sold and sent items cannot be returned or refunded.

Art. 7 – Property clause
In accordance with the agreement of the parties, the sale is final only after payment in full and receipt of such payment by us. Goods will remain our property until payment in full is made and received. Caretaking of goods sold under property clause goes to the purchaser.

Art. 8 – Defect guarantee and responsability
If the items delivered to you happen to have a latent defect, we will decide either to fix the defect or to replace the defected item by another. If we refuse to fix the defect, or to replace the defected item, or if we cannot do it, or if we cannot do it in time because of elements beyond our control, you will have the choice to send it back to us and to get a refund for the item and the shipping cost, or to ask for a discount on the price.
Goods proposed are in conformity with French law and we take no reponsability in case the delivered item would not be in conformity with the country of delivery.
We commit to do our best to serve our customers. Nevertheless, we take no reponsability if we fail in our duty because of a fortuitous fact, such as (with no limitation), disasters, strikes, fires, floodings, failure or breakdown of hardware, transportation, communication or beacuse of your own behaviour.

Art. 9 – Privacy
We commit to protect your personal data. Personal information given by you is processed confidentially, according to our privacy policy. When you order, we ask you for data that is necessary to process your order. We do not sell, trade or rent this information to third parties. Nevertheless, we could decide to share it in the future with our suppliers, business partners or subsidiaries. If you don’t wish to, send an e-mail to infos@librairie-archeologique.com
In accordance with art. 34 of law « Informatique et Libertés » (6/01/1978), you have the right to access, modify and delete any personal information. Just logon to your account on our site, using your login and password.
By submitting to our conditions of sales, you ackowledge you have understood our privacy policy and you agree for us to collect and use this data.

Art. 10 – Jurisdiction
As a general matter, for all litigation pertaining to a sale of goods under this contract, the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of Tribunal de Commerce, Dijon, France.