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18, 2021.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies 18, 2021.

- Mortaria production at Pentney, in the Lower Nar Valley, West Norfolk (M. de Bootman, A. Lyons)

- Late Roman pottery production at Gunvil Hall Farm, Wymondham, Norfolk (A. Lyons, G. Clarke)

- Early Roman pottery production at Pine Dell, Capel St Mary, Suffolk (S. Benfield, J. Newman)

- Reconstructing second century AD production technology at the Roman small town of Grobbendonk, Belgium: a preliminary study using thin section petrography (B. Borgers)

- A Late Iron Age and Roman pottery assemblage from Bartons Road, Havant, Hampshire (J. Timby)

- Pottery on Mars. A third century settlement at Trade Parc Westland, the Netherlands (R. C.A. Geerts)

- A gazetteer of the incidence of less common samian ware fabrics and products in northern and west

ern Britain. Part 2: 'early Lezoux' and 'black samian' wares from Central Gaul (M. Ward)- Ad hoc accessories for Roman ceramic vessels: a note on modified vessel bases and worked ceramic and stone discs (C. Moffett)

- An exploration of the distribution of relief-patterned tiles in Roman Britain (P. Warry)
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