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Paléorient 35/2, 2009.

Twiss K.C., Russell N., Taking the Bull by the Horns: Ideology, Masculinity, and Cattle Horns at çatalhöyük (Turkey) ; Molist M., Montero-Ruiz I., Clop X., Rovira S., Guerrero E. Anfruns J., New Metallurgic Findings from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic:Tell Halula (Euphrates Valley, Syria) ; Richter T., Allcock S., Jones M., Maher L., Martin L., Stock J., Thorne B., New Light on Final Pleistocene Settlement Diversity in the Azraq Basin (Jordan): Recent Excavations at 'Ayn Qasiyya ; Le Brun A., Daune-Le Brun O., Khirokitia (Chypre) : la taille et les pulsations de l'établissement néolithique pré-céramique, nouvelles données ; Renette S., A Reassessment of the Round Buildings in the Hamrin Valley (Central Iraq) during the Early 3rd Millennium BC ; Rosenberg D., Flying Stones – The Slingstones of the Wadi Rabah Culture of the Southern Levant ; Legrand-Pineau A., Bridging the Gap: Bone Tools as Markers of Continuity between Aceramic (Khirokitia Culture) and Ceramic Neolithic (Sotira Culture) in Cyprus (7th-5th Millennia cal. BC).
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