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14, 2009.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies 14, 2009.

Volume 14 contains papers on recent and current work on Roman pottery from around Britain, with papers also on case studies from the Netherlands and Gaul. Contents: Roman pottery from the Channel Tunnel Rail Link section 1, Kent (P. Booth); Grey face jars in East Anglia: their possible connection with veteran settlement in Britain in the 2nd and early 3rd centuries (G. Braithwaite); The Rowland's Castle Romano-British pottery industry (J. Dicks); Roman miniature pots and their contents from Frensham Common, Surrey (D. and A. Graham); Consuming the exotic: carrot amphorae and dried fruit in early Roman Britain (D. Howells); Terra sigillata from the Nijmegen canabae the canabae as a market (E. van der Linden); A ceramic suspended cauldron found at Scole Romano Celtic temple, Norfolk (A. Lyons); Pottery consumption at the Roman fort in Oudenberg, Northern Gaul (S. Vanhoutte, W. Davies W. De Clercq).
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