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Flint Mining in Prehistoric Europe. Interpreting the archaeological records, (BAR S1891), (actes 12e coll. EAA, Cravovie, Pologne, sept. 2006), 2008, 163 p. -

Flint extraction and processing from secondary flint deposits in the north-east of Scotland in the Neolithic period (A. Saville); Flint working at the early linearbandkeramik settlement of Geleen-Janskamperveld (M. E. Th. de Grooth); An economy of surplus production in the early Neolithic of Hesbaye (Belgium): Bandkeramik blade debitage at Verlaine 'Petit Paradis' (P. Allard, L. Burnez-Lanotte); The prehistoric flint mining complex at Spiennes (Belgium) on the occasion of its discovery 140 years ago (H. Collet, A. Hauzeur, J. Lech); A new flint mine at Flins-sur-Seine/ Aubergenville (Yvelines, France) (F. Bostyn, F. Giligny, A. Lo Carmine); The Krzemionki flint mines latest underground research 2001-2004 (J. Babel); Open-cast flint mining, long blade production and long distance exchange: an example from Bulgaria (L. Manolakakis); Flint mining in early Neolithic Iberia: a preliminary report on 'Casa Montero' (Madrid, Spain) (M. Capote, N. Castañeda, S. Consuegra,C. Criado, P. Díaz-del-Río); Intensive extraction of non-metallic minerals during the early protohistory in the northern half of Europe (Y. Gauvry); Ideology and influences behind the Neolithic flint mines of the Southern Britain (P. Wheeler).
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