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Scandinavian Flint, an Archaeological Perspective, 2007, 158 p.

Scandinavian Flint, an Archaeological Perspective, 2007, 158 p. -

In Scandinavia as elsewhere, cryptocrystalline rocks such as flint were an integral part of peoples' lives during prehistory. Knowledge about flint, its properties, its uses, and its many names, was no doubt transmitted through the generations as part of everyday life. As archaeologists, we are interested in how prehistoric people dealt with flint and what they might have seen as the strengths and the weaknesses of the various kinds of flint available. But in order to answer such questions it is necessary that we are able to talk to each other about flint in an informed and informative manner. Scandinavian Flint proposes a classification into 17 types for use by archaeologists. Flint types are described and evaluated in terms of knappability, limitations posed by nodule size, and prehistoric availability, rather than in terms of morphogenesis or chemical composition. Flint formation, geographic distribution of flint sources in Scandinavia, provenience studies, and patination are discussed in detail.This book is a useful guide for archaeologists working with flint.
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