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People of the Red Sea, (actes coll. Red Sea Project II, British Museum, 2004), (BAR S1395), 2005, 176 p. -

Ancient Peoples West of the Red Sea in Pre-classical Antiquity (K. A. Kitchen); Marsa Gawasis : A Pharaonic Coastal Settlement by the Red Sea in Egypt. Rodolfo Fattovich; Sire, il n'y a pas de blemmyes: A Re-evaluation of Historical and Archaeological Data (H. Barnard); Troglodites and Trogodites: Exploring Interaction on the Red Sea during the Roman Period (R. Tomber); Aksumite Trade and the Red Sea Exchange Network. A View from Bieta Giyorgis (Aksum) (A. Manzo); Some Thoughts on Exchange Systems in the Red Sea Region and Indian Ocean (G. Plisson); Travellers on the Red Sea Coast between Al-Qusayr and Sawakin (J. Starkey) ; Crusaders in the Red Sea: Renaud de Châtillon's Raids of AD 1182–1183 (W. Facey); Invisible People of the Red Sea The Egyptian Port of Al-Qusayr at the time of the French Expedition to Egypt (1799–1800) (D. M. Harre) ; Jiddah in the Nineteenth Century: The Role of European Consuls (S. Searight) ; An Integrated Wildlife Conservation System from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (A. H. Abuzinada); Traditional Conservation Practices in the Red Sea Region of Saudi Arabia (O. Abd-ar-Rahman Llewellyn); Cushitic and Semitic Peoples of the Red Sea Coasts: A Linguistic Approach to their Prehistory and History (A. Zaborski); A Lexicon of the Red Sea in Beja and Arabic (G. Cifoletti); Some Thoughts on the Magical Practice of the z?r along the Red Sea in the Sudan (B. Nicolini).
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