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Practical and Theoretical Geoarchaeology, 2006, 472 p. -

This book provides an invaluable overview of geoarchaeology and how it can be used effectively in the study of archaeological sites and contexts. Taking a pragmatic and functional approach, this book presents:a fundamental, broad-based perspective of the essentials of modern geoarchaeology in order to demonstrate the breadth of the approaches and the depth of the problems that it can tackle ; the rapid advances made in the area in recent years, but also gives the reader a firm grasp of conventional approaches ; covers traditional topics with the emphasis on landscapes, as well as anthropogenic site formation processes and their investigation ; provides guidelines for the presentation of field and laboratory methods and the reporting of geoarchaeological results ; essential reading for archaeology undergraduate and graduate students, practicing archaeologists and geoscientists who need to understand and apply geoarchaeological methodologies.
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