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The Karen Bronze Drums of Burma. Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology, 16. Types, Iconography, Manufacture and Use, 1994, XX, 235 p., 59 fig., 39 pl., 32 tabl. -

The Karen Bronze Drums of Burma defines the development of the Karen Bronze Drums (Heger Type III) during the past eight hundred years, as the continuation by a hill tribe group, of the earlier "Dong Son" tradition. Its chronological development is traced through seven stages by applying a method of intensive motivic analysis to data collected from 370 drums. Four new subtypes are defined and their interrelationships are demonstrated by use of tables, figures, and plates. The meaning of these motivic changes together with early accounts of Karen culture are used to establish that the drums were symbolically a magic pond that the Karen ritually manipulated to assure prosperity. The book was nominated for the Ethnographic Musical Studies Award. Readership : All those of undergraduate level and above interested in Art History, Art History Methodology, Primitive Aesthetics, Ethnology, Ethnomusicology, multiculturalism, antiques, antiquarian studies, studio casting techniques, religion, material culture, or Area Studies : China, SEA - Burma, Thailand and Laos.
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