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ÉPUISÉ - The Art and Architecture of Thailand. Handbook of Oriental Studies. Part 3 Southeast Asia, 14. From Prehistoric Times through the Thirteenth Century, 2003, XX, 374 p., 96 ill., rel. -

Written sources on Thai history are scarce. It took Hiram Woodward many years of painstaking archaeological and art-historical research to finally piece together this first ever comprehensive survey work on the art and architecture of Thailand from the earliest times until the establishment of the Thai-speaking kingdoms. The book, organized geographically and chronologically, covers four eras: the prehistoric period; the period characterized by the culture of the kingdom of Dvaravati; the centuries of Khmer dominance; and, as classical Khmer civilization waned, the period of the struggle for identity. A systematic and elucidating history of pre-fourteenth century Thailand in a volume indispensable to historians of art, religion, politics, and society. Readership : All those interested in early Southeast Asia and in understanding the surviving sculpture and architecture produced in Thailand before 1300.
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