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History and coin finds. In Georgia ; Sasanian and Byzantine coins from Tsite-liskaro (AD 641), (Moneta 30), 2002, 92 p., graphiques, cartes, 16 pl., br. -

Among foreign coins found on the territory of Georgia the Sasanian drachms are of particular interest. The widespread use of the coins issued by the Sasanian shahan shahs on the territory of East Georgia – Kartli provides a valuable evidence for economic-trade, political and social history of the region in the Sasanian period. From the 5th c AD until the beginning of the 7th c AD the inflow of the Sasanian royal coinage played the principal part in the monetary market of East Georgia. This volume lists the single finds and hoards of Sasanian coins found in Georgia. In this book, Sasanian drachms found in 30 hoards from the 3rd c. to the 8th c. are listed.
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