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9, 2010.

9, 2010. -

D. A. Aston, Blue-Painted Pottery of the Late Eighteenth Dynasty. The Material from the Tomb of Maya and Merit at Saqqara ; B. Bader, Preliminary Observations on Ceramic Material found at Herakleopolis Magna (Ehnasiya el-Medina) ; D. M. Bailey, Drinking-Goblets and Table Amphorae: Groups of Ptolemaic Painted Pottery ; J. Bonnéric, A. Schmitt, La céramique de la période fatimide à Tinnîs. Premier état de la question ; D. Dixneuf, La diffusion des céramiques d'Assouan et des oasis du désert Occidental dans le nord du Sinaï. L'exemple de Péluse ; C. Knoblauch, Not All that Glitters: A Case Study of Regional Aspects of Egyptian Middle Kingdom Pottery Production in Lower Nubia and the Second Cataract ; S. Malykh, Pottery from the Rock-Cut Tomb of Khafraankh in Giza ; S. Marchand, La dernière occupation d'une maison d'époque ptolémaïque du village de Tebtynis (Fayoum). Une céramique de transition tardo-hellénistique ; S. Martin-Kilcher, Syene–Assuan (Ägypten). Eine Keramikplatte des 7. Jahrhunderts mit gemaltem Kreuz aus einem frühchristlichen Sakralkomplex ; A. Masson, Persian and Ptolemaic Ceramics from Karnak: Change and Continuity ; L. Op de Beeck, S. Hendrickx, Deir al-Barsha 2002. Pottery Survey ; A. Pettman, Form and Function: A Case Study of Site Function as Determined Through Ceramic Material from Two Areas of Ain el-Gazzareen, Dakhleh Oasis ; M.-A. Pouls Wegner, New Kingdom Ceramics Associated with the Cult Chapel of Thutmose III at Abydos: Preliminary Analysis and Interpretations ; M.-A. Pouls Wegner, Votive Deposits of the Ptolemaic Period in North Abydos ; A. Rougeulle, S. Marchand, Des siga sur la côte du Hadramawt (Yémen), témoins d'une attaque navale ? ; T. I. Rzeuska, Grain, Water and Wine: Remarks on the Marl A3 Transport-Storage Jar from Middle Kingdom Elephantine ; A. Sullivan, A Report on the Third Intermediate Period and Late Period Pottery from the Mut Temple, Luxor ; K. Yamamoto, Offering Cones from Middle Kingdom North Abydos.
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